Mosiah 11: Harden Not Your Hearts

The Psalms say, “To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your heart.” Sadly, in today’s world, we see so many people with hardened hearts. We see people who listen to living prophets, who read the Bible or the Book of Mormon and just reject what they say.

We see this in Mosiah 11 when Noah becomes king. The author of the book tells us that the king rejected the faith of his father and of his people. He heard and decided to follow his own desires even if they went against the words of the prophets. His disobedience and corruption led to the corruption and disobedience of the entire culture. Eventually, this led to a loss of faith in the people. In following the king, they rejected the Word of God. They rejected that which their civilization was based on.

But in the midst of all this, God called the prophet Abinadi to preach to the people of Lehi-Nephi. He reminded them of the God who has done so much and has given so many blessings to His people and warned of the consequences of not following God’s commands.

Did they listen? No.

Unfortunately, we are living in a culture that is starting to mirror that of King Noah’s time where we are rejecting God and pushing religion under the rug as something not to be talked about, and if you do, you are seen as a bigot and hateful (doesn’t this sound familiar?).

Though there is good news. God sends us His prophets to guide us. He gives us the Scriptures to help us in our journey to Him. What wonderful road maps!

No matter how wicked our King Benjamin may be, God still blesses us with His prophets and His Word and if we listen, if we harden not our hearts, we will find blessings.


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