On Blogs and Resolutions (Oh, and the Book of Mormon!)


One regrettable thing that I have done since my conversion was almost ignore the Book of Mormon. While I had a testimony of the book as scripture, I just couldn’t see it as anything other than a 19th century document. So while I tried to read it, I wouldn’t. It didn’t interest me. Cut to now where I do see the Book of Mormon for what it is, a text of ancient scripture written by prophets. I still don’t have the discipline to read it! But I realize that I need to. The Book of Mormon is a beautiful gift that is unique to our faith, so why wouldn’t I want to read it?

Honestly, I think it’s just the discipline of sitting down and reading, just like sitting down and writing each day. For someone who sometimes struggles with “feeling Mormon” because his social circle is pretty much non-Mormons, the Book of Mormon should be something I would want to do to help with that. But alas, I don’t have the discipline.

That is until I came across this picture on my Facebook:

Without thinking, the date came into my head: August 18th, the day of my baptism.

I realized that I am a member of the Church, but have not read the Book of Mormon in its entirety. Granted, I decided to be baptized a month into investigating and have only been a member five months, but it still bugs me that I’m still halfway through Mosiah five months after my baptism.I have to get serious about reading.

The problem becomes: how do I stay disciplined?

The answer: When I was investigating had getting stuck in my reading the Book of Mormon, the missionaries would make me send them one verse a day from what I read. That made me not only read, but also made me pay attention to what I was reading.

So I have decided to do something similar (that’ll also help with keeping a blog). I will read the Book of Mormon daily and after my reading (ideally daily, but if not, every couple days or so) I’ll post some thoughts or reflections on here (don’t worry, I’ll try to be concise). That way I will be accountable for both reading the Book of Mormon and updating this blog, which I have been meaning to update more regularly (and have made a resolution to do).

So how about it? Join me as I go out to read the Book of Mormon in its entirety by the one year anniversary of my baptism!

(Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about more things than just the Book of Mormon on here)

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