I’m Andy and I’m a Mormon

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Social media and technology played a huge role in my conversion. Hopefully I’ll get more in depth on that in a future post (and soon as updating this more often has become a New Years resolution). Since it has played a huge role in my conversion and in bringing me into the Church, I decided to create a profile on Mormon.org. I filled it out about a week before the October General Conference and it’s still in moderation, so I thought in the mean time, I might post some of the “highlights” on here. Just be patient with me if I discuss any of thesethings in greater depth in future posts (as I most likely will). I added some “color” commentary in red that isn’t in the original profile.

Why I am a Mormon

In short: YouTube.

One night I was feeling depressed and found a video on YouTube about God’s Plan of Salvation (I was looking for an Uchtdorf video, don’t ask why, and came across a Mormon Messages video from the 90s. Look them up to see how much better the Church’s video department has gotten. I just realized how much I talk about the Plan of Salvation. Oh well). Hearing that there was something before this life, that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father, and that we can return to Him made me think, “There is a point to all this.” So I went on Mormon.org and talked to two wonderful sister missionaries who convinced me to go to church on Sunday. So I did.

I began to meet with the missionaries, went to church, and read the Book of Mormon (When I say read, I mean read a chapter or 2 every now and then when the missionaries made me send them a verse I read and liked every day. I had a hard time really reading it and appreciating it for a while, more on that later). I realized that the more I did these three things, the better person I was becoming. Even friends who were thousands of miles away noticed! So one day while I was driving to meet with the sister missionaries, I heard the Spirit say, “Andy, the Book of Mormon promises all these blessings if you are baptized. Do it. Try it out. If the Church is true, you have so much to gain.”

I was baptized two weeks later on August 18, 2013. Even my best friend who isn’t a Mormon flew down for it!

Since my baptism, I have had so many blessings and felt so much comfort. I can say without a doubt, this is God’s church and have been blessed by it! (I cannot reiterate this last sentence enough! Amen!)


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